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38 Malayalam 42 Hindi 39 Tamil23 English8 Sports Channels

Access everything in one package.

Our service is limited to only one plan. You can stream channels, movies, and catch-up programming in any of the languages we offer. See what we have to offer in our service by looking through our channel list.

Available on 3 platforms

Drishyam TV is compatible with the most popular streaming devices, including Amazon FireTV, Android TV, Roku.

250+ Indian Channels

Live TV

Drishyam TV broadcasts 268 Indian live channels in their original quality. We don't compress the video or audio quality. It includes all of India's premier television networks. To avoid buffering, we have a large number of loadbalancing servers.


Catch-up TV

Playback what you missed.

Catch-up TV

With our catch-up functionality, you have the option to playback the programs you missed. We automatically record and keep the recorded files on our server for a week.

4500+ Indian Movies

Movie Library

Take advantage of our large movie library, which now contains around 4585 titles. The majority of the movies comes with English subtitles that you turn on or off. We upload new movies as soon as they become available.

EPG Guide

It helps you know what program is currently running on the live channel

Multiple Device Activation

Activate as many as five devices. However, you can stream a maximum of 2 devices simultaneously per account.

No Contracts

You don't want to be locked into a contract, that's why we Drishyam TV doesn't have them. Plus, there are no activation or cancellation fees, ever.

Responsive Interface

The application is very user-friendly, and even people who aren't very tech-savvy can use it. The application categorizes the contents and includes filters to narrow down the results.

High Quality

We don't compress the quality of the video streams we provide on our service.

Top Level Support

We have an excellent team of experienced agents, each of them specializing in particular types of support.

5 Most Common FAQ's

We accept payments by credit card and PayPal. Payments are made automatically every 30 days, on the day you join in the monthly subscription plan. Your first payment will be collected and automatically enroll you in to monthly subscription plan only after 3 days. You have the option to cancel if you don't like it during the trial time. We'll offer you a complete refund If you don't like our service while on a subscription plan. You will not be charged if you cancel. The only payment you make each month is $9.99 (USD).

No, We will not raise the payment. It will always be $9.99. However, if demand is high, we will raise the fee for new joiners only.

Yes, you are allowed to access our application on 2 devices at the same time under same network connection. And, you are allowed to activate 5 devices per account.

All you need is a stable internet connection and a streaming device either a Roku, Fire TV, Android TV. If your smart tv built in android, check if you are allowed to download APK file. If you don't have a device, we recommend you to get a Fire TV for $40.

Yes definitely, we will eventually increase the channel and movie listing. We currently covering all the premium channels and movies. If you don't find certain channels or movies that you really looking forward to watch, feel free to send us a message and you won't be charged any extra fee. We'll add them if possible.


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